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Ask the Mental Health Expert Archives 2001-2004

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Week of December 8, 2003

    Question: I have a 3-year-old son who has developed a motor and phonic tic within the last few months (blinking and sniffing). He has been seen by a pediatric neurologist who has diagnosed him with Transient Tic Disorder...    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I am a 32-year-old mother, wife, and registered nurse. Over the past 4-5 years, I've been seeking help for depression. So far, the doctors I've seen are either in too much of a hurry to listen, too eager to over-medicate, or unable to keep their appointments. I am at my wits end! I've decided to see what I can accomplish on my own...    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: My husband has been depressed for a long time. To make things worse, he now has impotency. He won't go to counseling and won't talk about what's wrong, saying it will only make him feel worse. How can I help him, if he really feels like talking about why he's depressed makes him feel worse?    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I have a question regarding the coadministration of bupropion and venlafaxine. I am currently on venlafaxine and will subsequently switch to bupropion...    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I'm a 21-year-old male. In the past few months I've started cutting and scratching the inside of my calves with a razor when I get depressed (nothing really deep, just enough so that it bleeds). I don't know what made me start, but I always feel much better afterwards...    Dr. Pies' Answer