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Ask the Mental Health Expert Archives 2001-2004

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Week of September 3, 2001

    Question: I am interested in knowing (1) How successful is hypnotherapy when used to treat personality disorders, (2) Which psychiatric disorders are most helped by its implementation, (3) Which psychiatric disorders either do not benefit or are exacerbated by hypnotherapy, and (4) Who are its current best known and reliable proponents? What is the minimum training that a psychologist/psychiatrist should have before he/she introduces hypnotherapy into his/her practice?    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: Would you explain the difference between neuropsych testing done by a psychologist and neurological testing done by a neurologist?    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I am requesting information on "the need to be right." I am in a relationship where my partner has the need to be right all the time. Even when he is wrong... he tries to argue it right. What is this behavior? It's very frustrating.    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I am a 43-year-old woman. I have an eating binge problem. My father was an alcoholic, and I feel like I'm a "food-aholic". Just as an alcoholic can't stop drinking until the alcohol is gone or the alcoholic passes out, I can't stop eating until the food is gone or I'm sick. What can I do? It's harder than alcohol because one has to eat to live.    Dr. Pies' Answer