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Information on Alzheimer's

Q. Are there support groups available for just diagnosed or first stage Alzheimer's? Is there educational material available for the patient, not the caretaker?

A. Coping with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) presents a tremendous challenge to both the diagnosed individual and his or her family. Depending on where you live, there may be few or many support groups for those diagnosed with early AD, their families, or both. I strongly suggest you contact the Alzheimer's Foundation at www.alz.org to find out about support groups near you.

You can also find patient-oriented information at www.ahcpr.gov/clinic/alzcons.htm. Paul Raia, a therapist, also has information posted regarding early AD, at www.alzmass.org. Further information appropriate for both patients and caregivers is available at www.caregiver.org/factsheets/esa.html. You may also want to take a look at the book, "Coping with Alzheimer's: A Complete Care Manual for Patients and their Families," by RE Markin.

I have not read the book, but one reader commented, "I found this book while browsing in our library, and found it an excellent entry level resource for our family targeting areas we were beginning to have questions about, offering practical and simple advice to help the caregivers in day to day living as well as legal matters, and alerting us to issues that may arise in the future. It is concise and easy to read."

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