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Ask the Mental Health Expert Archives 2001-2004

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Week of August 20, 2001

    Question: I was watching a movie and one of the astronauts got space madness. Could you tell me more about stress and confinement related sickness?    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I have searched the net looking for data about recidivism rates in the chemical dependency population. Do you know where I may find statistics relating to treatment outcome in substance abuse?    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I have recently been diagnosed with ADD. This explains a lot since I have had a great deal of difficulty finding/maintaining success in the workplace. My question is: are there any professions which ADD people tend to have a greater degree of success at than others? What can help me succeed in any job?    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I have a sister who was diagnosed with schizophrenia 4 years ago. She is 30 years old and taking medication, but she lives with my parents because they feel they need to protect her. I think she needs to get out of there and work at a ranch or something low-stress (something in touch with nature), so she can feel useful. If you can recommend anything please let me know.    Dr. Pies' Answer