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Ask the Mental Health Expert Archives 2001-2004

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Neurotransmitters in Mental Illness

Q. I have to write a paper on the influences of neurotransmitters in mental illness, can you recommend a good web site to find information about this?

A. There are several sites you may find helpful: www.Brainland.com has many useful articles on neurotransmitters and related topics, as does http://Neuroscience.about.com. If you really want to dig more deeply into this topic, you may want to see the book "New View of Self : How Genes and Neurotransmitters Shape Your Mind, Your Personality, and Your Mental Health," by Dr. Larry Siever and William Frucht. Dr. John Medina's book, "Depression: How It Happens, How It's Healed", is also very helpful and well-written.

April 2001

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