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Ask the Mental Health Expert Archives 2001-2004

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Week of April 30, 2001

    Question: Are there any new diet pills on the market with few side affects? Would you recommend these for people with a food obsession or overeating compulsively?    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I would appreciate any information on the subject of group therapy in the treatment of substance abuse.    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I suspect that my adult brother has a mental illness. He is convinced of a conspiracy to ruin his life. He refers to character assassins, how they pull antics to ruin his social life, how he can prove this and sue for damages. He says he has a pain in his left side that was intentionally given to him by a hateful conspiracy, and on and on and on. How do I approach him and encourage him to seek help? I fear that I will become one of the "hate freaks" or "jealous-false-friends". I fear that he will no longer trust me. I certainly feel a strong responsibility for his well-being, but as a sister, what authority do I have? I am planning on talking with him about my concerns. Can you offer some advice?    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I have to write a paper on the influences of neurotransmitters in mental illness, can you recommend a good web site to find information about this?    Dr. Pies' Answer