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Graphing Mood

Q. I am looking for daily mood journals for patients to graph their moods over time. I believe there was something put out by the National Institutes of Health. Where might I get this tool and what other tools would you recommend? Any suggestions?

A. Yes, different clinicians and groups have devised different mood charts for bipolar patients. The ones I can refer you to immediately are found in the April, 1996 supplement to the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, in the articles by Dr. Gary Sachs and Dr. David Miklowitz. (You can contact Dr. Sachs at gsachs@partners.org, or at Mass General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Miklowitz is at the University of Colorado at Boulder). I believe Dr. Robert Post at the NIMH has his own mood charts. I'm not sure where to reach him, but you can log on to the NIMH bipolar web site at www.nimh.gov/publicat/bipolarresfact.cfm.

A more informal mood charting method is also described at the website http://bipolar.miningco.com/health/bipolar/library/howto/ht-chart.htm. I hope this gets you started.

April 2001

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