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Ask the Mental Health Expert Archives 2001-2004

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Various Drugs

Q. I would like information on the drugs Zyprexa, Seraquel, and Celexa. Can you recommend a website that would be of help?

A. Your best source of accurate, balanced information about drugs used in psychiatry is a knowledgeable psychiatrist--but, since you are asking for web sites, I'd mention two that are reasonably good. The website for the American Academy of Family Physicians (www.familydoctor.org) provides pretty good summaries of the drugs you mentioned, though perhaps over-emphasizing possible side effects.

Another helpful site is www.pharminfo.com, which has a "druginfoline" for the general public. This site also has short articles on various medications, though not all of the ones you asked about. By the way, a book that may also be useful to you is Breakthroughs in Antipsychotic Medications: A Guide for Consumers, Families, and Clinicians, edited by Peter J. Weiden MD (1999).

March 2001

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