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Ask the Mental Health Expert Archives 2001-2004

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Week of February 12, 2001

    Question: What sorts of mental health services could be offered at a health fair? We're also looking for information specific to younger people, self esteem building, etc.    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I currently work in residential home for men and women with learning disabilities. We have a client who is 67 but he has the mental age of a three year old. He has began targeting one member of staff and becoming very aggressive towards her. He has no concept of time and or memory and can't understand why he is being asked go to his bedroom to calm down etc.    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I would like information regarding Schizo Affective disorder and any information regarding recent research using Ultram to treat intrusive thoughts. Thank you.    Dr. Pies' Answer

    Question: I am adult female, 47 years old, who had been recently diagnosed with ADD. I have a friend who had GAD, ADD and other issues impacting her life. She knows me very well and thinks that I may have both. They both seem to have a lot of related characteristics. How do I know for sure if I have both, or either? I have asked my therapist in a note, but it has been a month and he is yet to respond.   Dr. Pies' Answer