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Cyst on a Baby
December 2002

Q. Three months ago our second child was born. He is a healthy, active and friendly baby. Several days after his birth we have noticed a bump under his eyebrow. We were very concerned and discussed this with our pediatrician. He told us that the bump is a cyst and it is not dangerous and can be removed surgically if it starts getting bigger.

We were hoping it would disappear or get smaller, but it is still there and it is approximately 8 mm in diameter. We are very worried that this cyst might harm our baby's health. Could you please explain what are the risks and what kind of treatments are available? What could be the cause of this cyst? I was 37 years old while I was pregnant--do you think this could have been the reason?

A. A cyst is a fluid filled lump just under the skin surface. It often starts as a plugged oil gland, which begins to swell when the gland cannot drain normally. They are often 1-2 cm. in size, usually not larger. Diagnosis is made from a physical exam and they do not necessarily need to be removed unless there is uncertainty about the diagnosis, or the lump is causing a cosmetic problem. If the growth is on the face, it is commonly a plastic surgeon who would do the removal. A cyst does not turn into cancer or anything else of a harmful nature. Talk to your doctor again about treatment options.



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