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Volleyball Injury
December 2003

Q. I am 17 years old and play competitive volleyball. Recently my fingers started hurting. The pain is situated between the joints of all my fingers, not exactly on the joints. The other players who practice with me don't have these problems. I was wondering if it is the volleyball that is causing my pain or is it an underlying problem?

A. Volleyball is an exciting and intense sport with lots of potential for injury. High force contact with the ball and the ground, and occasional collisions with other players provide the situation for injuries to occur.

The pains you describe would not be so unusual for a volleyball player. Do the pains lessen if you haven't played for a few days? If so, this would suggest that the trauma from practice is the likely cause. An exam by your doctor should be the next step, to determine if anything more is involved. If larger joints such as knees and shoulders hurt, or if there are joint problems among family members, further tests may be needed.



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