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Breast Acne
November 2001

Q. I am a 30-year-old female and I have recently developed a lot of acne on my breasts. Is it safe to use Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 10% and/or Vitamin A Acid 0.025% cream on breast skin?

A. Several products are available "over-the-counter" for treatment of acne. Most of these contain benzoyl peroxide which helps inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin which contribute to acne. These are often helpful, but can cause drying or mild skin irritation. The vitamin A products are available by prescription and act to unblock plugged pores which can turn into the typical acne lesions. Both these products are safe to use as you describe. Drying is a common complaint with the vitamin A products as well.

If these topical products are not effective enough, topical or oral antibiotics can be used, prescribed by your doctor.



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