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Week of November 25, 2002

    Question:   Can you name me all the studies showing that adding testosterone to HRT regiment may help postmenopausal women add muscles, since maintaining muscle mass is essential in maintaining strength and in maintaining a healthy weight? I need the names of research companies and the dates of studies. It is very important for me since I am fighting with my HMO to let them pay for my doctor's prescription for testosterone. Can you help?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   I had a placenta abruption with my first child. What are the odds that it will happen again and is there anything that I could do to prevent it? Are there any signs that I may look for? Currently I am in my 5th month and am having lower back, lower abdominal, and lower belly pain. Is this something that could be related to my placenta starting to separate?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   About 5 weeks ago, I had an emergency appendectomy. After the surgery and ever since, my voice has been hoarse. My surgeon spoke to the anesthesiologist for the surgery. This doctor told me that he had a difficult time "tubing" me and that I should go to an ENT, which I did. The ENT found a polyp on my vocal chord. Could an injury to it during this "tubing" make this sort of damage? I recently had a hernia repair and after that surgery everything was fine. The other times I had general anaesthesia I was fine as well. Your comments?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer