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Lipitor Side-Effect?
November 2001

Q. Can neuropathy be one of the effects of Lipitor? I have taken 10 mg of this drug for 8-10 years. I now have neuropathy of both feet. My neurologist questioned the length of time I had been on this drug. I am 72 years old. I was surprised that I had this problem as well as carotid artery disease. This problem has gotten to the point that I will have surgery this month on the right side. I will undergo an arteriogram on the day prior to the surgery. Also if they find that the last heart catherization shows signs of an increase in the disease, I will undergo another catherization.

A. The cholesterol-lowering drugs are highly effective and have a good track record for lowering the risk of heart disease. Like any drug taken long-term, side effects and safety are an important concern. As a group these medications are quite well tolerated. Neuropathy is not at all common but indeed has been reported as a possibility. Below are some good internet references to cholesterol issues and a medical article that can be obtained through a hospital library.




Ziajka PE, Wehmeier T. Peripheral neuropathy and lipid-lowering therapy. South Med J 1998 Jul;91(7):667-8.

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