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Female Nerve Irritation
September 2003

Q. I am a 34-year-old female who has never had an orgasm through regular intercourse. I had no trouble achieving orgasms manually until the birth of my first child. Since then I have had 2 more children, both born by C-section.

I have a numb/tingling feeling from the navel to the hairline, only in the very center. Over the years it is increasingly difficult to obtain an orgasm at all. I was told any nerve damage caused by the c-section wouldn't interfere with sex. What can be done about it now? What are the treatments? What kind of doctor should I see?

A. Pain, numbness, and tingling are often signs that a nerve is irritated. These symptoms should be discussed with your gynecologist and a physical exam will be important.

Your description of having orgasms without problem prior to childbirth suggests some physical or anatomical barrier now exists. Your doctor may want to order some tests to clarify the situation. Tests might include x-rays to look for problems in the spine as the nerves originate here (examples: bone malalignment, arthritis), and possibly consulting a specialist in neurology.



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