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Lump to Lymphoma
August 2001

Q. I have a lump in my neck that I just noticed. It's on the right side of my chin under my jaw. Its scaring me, what are the early signs of lymphoma?

A. First things first! Go to your doctor for an exam to determine the nature of the lump you noticed. There are many causes for the lump you describe, the most common of which is an enlarged lymph node due to some common condition. The lymph nodes are part of our immune system to ward off infection and they are always "on the alert" for problems. A common example would be the lumps due to swollen lymph nodes when you have a cold or sore throat. Minor skin conditions such as acne, a sunburn, or minor trauma can cause this as well. The lymph nodes often stay swollen for a week or two after the original cause has resolved. A doctor's exam and possibly some basic lab tests (blood test) can usually resolve the issue!



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