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Week of August 12, 2002

    Question:   I heard recently that there have been some indications of improvement in Multiple Sclerosis while taking Lipitor. Have you heard of this? Can you give me resources to look into it further?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   I'm 36 years old and scheduled to have a mammogram. I still nurse my 19-month-old son. Do I put my son at risk by having the mammogram?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   I have been diagnosed with cryptogenic organizing pneumonia. At present, this bronchiolitis obliterans-organizing pneumonia (BOOP) is not responding to prednisolone (steroid) or in combination with methoblastin. Is there any other medication that BOOP may respond to? How does one contract BOOP? Can it be contracted through a blood transfusion?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer