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Week of August 5, 2002

    Question:   Can you direct me to any information on chemical imbalances? How does chemical imbalance occur? How quickly does it happen? When recovered from a chemical imbalance, can it change in a matter of days? What does it mean to have a chemical imbalance?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   Can you get any kind of cancer from being bulimic? Is it likely or not likely? I hear there is a high death rate associated with cancer in the mouth. Is this a type of cancer associated with being bulimic?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   I have an anatomy class where we were discussing the testicles and how one hangs lower than the other. My professor said that it is almost always the left one that hangs lower and that doctors have told him that they can therefore diagnose situs inversus if a man has a right testicle that hangs lower. I am curious to know if it is usually the left testicle that hangs lower because my right testicle hangs lower and I am pretty sure that I don't have situs inversus. My premature research has led to about a 50/50 split of men with the right testicle being lower and the left testicle being lower. Is that normal? Is any evidence for diagnosing situs inversus by which testicle hangs lower?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer