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Lower Abdomen Burn
July 2001

Q. I have this really bad burning in my abdominal area between belly button and pubic area. No pain just burning all the time. I had vaginal cultures done, and they were all negative. What could be causing this? Sometimes this burning sensation travels up to my face, just for a split second. What type of doctor should I go to see?

A. The key to treatment will be to make an accurate diagnosis. Start with a visit to your family doctor for an exam, that may well include some lab work (blood test) and perhaps other studies based on the exam. Pain in the abdomen has a wide variety of possible causes. Conditions in the pelvis and spine can cause pain sensations that are felt in the abdomen. The burning sensation is somewhat suggestive of a nerve irritation, as irritated nerves cause typical symptoms of burning, numbness, tingling and pain. Your doctor should be the guide as to how to evaluate this further.




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