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Epilepsy and Deafness
July 2002

Q. Is there any known connection between temporal lobe epilepsy and progressive deafness?

A. Epilepsy is a condition in which a group of nerve cells in the brain discharge spontaneously. The effects depend on the area of the brain involved; these events can cause limited effects such as a period of confusion, a localized area of muscle spasm or jerking, or generalized motor activity usually called a grand mal seizure.

Temporal lobe epilepsy, also called a "complex partial seizure" results in the person's loss of contact with his surroundings though he appears awake and standing. Strange or disturbing behavior may take place during the seizure period.

Medications are often helpful but it can be a challenge for the doctor to find the right combination or the right dose to give good seizure control without too much sedation. I have not found scientific articles that associate deafness with temporal lobe epilepsy.




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