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Urachal Remnant

July 2003

Q. Two years ago my 9-year-old daughter had a urachal remnant removed. She continues to have unexplained abdominal pain. Is this a common after effect of such a surgery? If it is, how long can we expect it to last?

A. The urachus is a tube that connects the bladder to the umbilicus during fetal development and closes before birth. If this closure fails to take place, a urachal cyst or remnant remains. Infection can occur in the remaining tissue, and there is a risk for cancer developing, so surgical removal is usually advised. The laparoscope has been successfully used to remove a urachal cyst with good results. The use of ultrasound and CT imaging can often determine the extent of the urachal tissue to be treated. There should not be persistent pain 2 years after this procedure. Let your doctor know so this can be evaluated



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