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Week of June 23, 2003

    Question:   I am trying to investigate the causes of seizures. I recently had my first seizure at age 35. I am relatively healthy and can't figure out why this happened. I have had all the tests done: MRI, CAT scan, EEG and consulted a neurologist. The only thing he found was my EEG was abnormal. I have been recently working on my house using a number of latex and oil based paints, plastic wood fills and some glues (liquid nails and floor adhesive). Does anyone know of any seizures that is caused by chemical exposure or breathing in high levels of dust (drywall or wood fill)?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   I have read many articles and websites related to marijuana and it's effects on the body. What concerns me the most is it's effect on the brain. I am embarrassed to say that I have tried this drug before, threes times in the past year to be exact. The last time that I used it, I used a very large amount that rendered me retarded for a few hours. It's been 2 weeks and I continue to feel sleepy and impaired (mentally). I find it more difficult to perform my routine tasks such as studying, work, etc. I would really like to know if this feeling of sleepiness and impaired mental capacity will go away. Would both my mental and physical abilities ever return to their full capacity?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   I grew up with epilepsy, but when I hit adolescence, the seizures stopped. They were temporal lobe seizures. I have always asked the question about the relationship of it and bipolar disorder, yet have had no answers. Is there any literature I can look at to do some research?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer