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Diabetic II
June 2001

Q. I'm a diabetic II and I've been having trouble remembering to take my second glucophage pill in the evening with dinner. Can I take both of them in the morning together so I make sure that I get my prescription in during the day? The only other medicine I am taking is Lamsil for toe fungus.

Also, is a 1/2 grapefruit in the morning and for lunch harmful to a diabetic patient's metformin? I know I should not go on the Grapefruit Diet, because you do not fulfill your dietary nutrient needs.

A. Glucophage should be taken as prescribed, usually more than once per day as it is not long acting enough to take just once. The pills are attempting to mimic the body's normal response to eating, that is insulin is secreted to allow the sugars from food to enter the cells and provide energy to the brain, muscles, and internal organs. Fruit is an excellent provider of nutrients and should be eaten in accordance with the general guidelines for a diabetic diet.





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