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Urology Pain
June 2002

Q. For the last two months the head of my penis (on the left) has been extremely sensitive. In the beginning I felt an uncomfortable urge to pee feeling but that feeling has mostly gone away. My doctor thought maybe I have a urethral irritation but the medication for that didn't cure it.

My girlfriend's doctor gave us both Chlamydia medication just in case (tests were negative). Over the last few months, my girlfriend has had both a minor urinary tract infection (UTI) and a minor yeast infection. I'm circumcised and there isn't any visual evidence of a rash, bumps, etc. It is very sensitive especially during an erection. No one seems to know what to do or what to try? Could I have some form of a yeast infection? Could it be Balanitis?

A. You are describing pain in the tissue of the penis and pain with urination. The measures tried so far have not helped so I suspect a referral to a urologist would be in order. A physical exam and laboratory tests will likely be ordered to try to establish a diagnosis. It is also possible that the discomfort is felt in the genital area but not actually originating there. For example injury to the back or pelvic area could be causing nerve pressure with the resulting sensations such as you describe. The key to treatment will be an accurate diagnosis.



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