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Hormone Cycle Post-Abortion
June 2002

Q. I recently had an abortion. I bled for two weeks after it was done. It's been two months since I've had the abortion and have not had my period. I've taken a pregnancy test and am not pregnant. How long does it take to heal after an abortion? Should I be concerned? How long should I wait before going back to the doctor?

A. Although you were pregnant for a brief time period, this event will quickly change your hormone profile. The high estrogen levels of pregnancy inhibit the brain area (pituitary) that sends the signal for ovulation to occur. When the pregnancy ends, for whatever reason, it takes a while for the brain signals to resume, and often longer for the ovary to respond. The normal hormone cycle will re-establish within 3 months in most instances, but is sometimes prolonged. The same thing can happen when a woman discontinues birth control pills in order to become pregnant. Contact your doctor to see whether an exam is indicated at this time.



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