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Week of June 2, 2003

    Question:   Have you ever heard of diabetes insipidus being caused by Risperdal, Paxil CR, or Trileptal? All electrolytes are normal and the urine is very dilute. This occurred in an adolescent patient with bipolar disorder. Can you help?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   I recently visited Belize. I was bitten by what I thought was a mosquito, however after 7 weeks the welt still hadn't gone away. I kept it irrigated with peroxide, and took antibiotics for 10 days. After noticing movement under the skin I had a surgeon friend open the area where we found a worm! My question and one he can't find an answer to is this. I assume I was bitten by a black fly which left larvae, will I develop more worms? Is there a particular antibiotic I should be on?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer

    Question:   My husband works for a power company and scratched his eye. Several days later broke out in a rash that looked like shingles. He went to the doctor and was told he had Creosote poisoning. Can you give me any information about this? Could the Creosote have gotten into his bloodstream via the scratch on his eye?    Dr. McLaughlin's Answer