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Armour Thyroid
May 2003

Q. I have been taking Levothyroxal for about 10 years. I have recently bullied a doctor into changing me to Armour Thyroid. I have been using it for about 20 days. I feel so much better! What reasons do doctors have to object Armour?

A. Hypothyroidism, underactive thyroid gland, is one of the most common metabolic conditions. The thyroid regulates metabolism and affects all organ systems in the body. Underactive thyroid is diagnosed by a blood test, and causes symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and hair, constipation, and more.

Once the diagnosis is made, treatment is accomplished by giving thyroid hormone replacement. Several brands are available that provide replacement of "T4" the main thyroid hormone. Naturally occurring thyroid consists of T3 and T4.

The Armour's preparation contains both T3 and T4 and some physicians consider it harder to measure the amount received in the mixed dosage form. Regular blood measurements of TSH, the regulatory hormone from the pituitary, are the most commonly used test to monitor the dose of thyroid replacement.



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