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Vision Problem
May 2003

Q. I have a student who complains of problems with his vision when doing reading activities. He did wear glasses at one time but his vision is now supposed to be such that he doesn't need them. Two years ago his vision was 20/20. A recent in-school exam put it in the range of 20/26. I have noticed that when he has to read, his eyes become very red and aggravated. He has to rub them a lot and can only complete an activity for a minute or less. He says that he has the same problem watching TV but if he wears his old glasses it doesn't bother him the same. Do you have any suggestions?

A. The approach to this problem should start with a thorough exam by an eye professional, either an optometrist or ophthalmologist. There are two issues to address, the health of the eye and the cause of the vision problem. If this is a child, the eye doctor should have experience working with children specifically. This process should lead to a quick solution!



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