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Adolescent Biopsy
April 2003

Q. My 16-year-old daughter was just diagnosed with a ruptured milk duct after biopsy. The doctor said that this is common in women of Irish/English/Scottish descent. He put her on antibiotics. Can you please explain?

A. It is uncommon for a young woman of 16 years old to require a biopsy, so I am presuming a lump was present. Milk ducts can become plugged leading to an accumulation of the normal secretions below the skin surface. If the plugged duct then ruptures it can produce a marked inflammation response in the surrounding tissue which would likely lead to antibiotic prescription.

Evaluation of breast lumps and abnormalities is usually done by gynecologists or surgeons. Treatment would depend on the diagnosis based on exam and testing. Here are some references on breast anatomy and physiology as well as common conditions.



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