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Missing Cycle
March 2003

Q. I have not had a period in 2 months and have taken 2 pregnancy tests each 1 week apart starting 2 weeks ago. What are the reasons that may be causing this?

A. Missing a single cycle is quite common, and as you have done, testing for pregnancy is the first consideration. The home tests are quite accurate now, but you may want to get a blood test to confirm this for certain.

Stress is a very common cause of missing a cycle or irregular cycles. If no other symptoms are present, a simple exam with your doctor and a few simple tests may be all that is needed at this time. Extensive tests are not needed unless the problem continues.

If there has been no menstrual cycle for several months and a woman is not pregnant, then a number of possible causes can be considered including weight gain or loss, medication side effects, endocrine abnormalities (example; thyroid problems), nutrition problems, and others. Contact your doctor to see what is needed in your case.




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