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Bad Breath
February 2003

Q. I always have bad breath and I think that it is from post-nasal drip. What can be done to remedy it?

A. Several factors can contribute to bad breath. Recommendations for oral hygiene from the American Dental Association include twice daily brushing and daily use of dental floss to remove food particles that can trap bacteria and cause bad breath. Use of a soft toothbrush to clean the gums and tongue can be helpful as well.

If you are following these guidelines and the problem persist, an exam is in order. Your dentist can check for gum problems, periodontal disease, which may require special treatment. If these dental exam is normal, medical conditions should be evaluated as well. For example, a sinus problem causing post-nasal drip, reflux problems of the stomach, and general conditions like diabetes may all cause bad breath. Start with the dental exam to find the right course of action.



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