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Lumps on Penis
June 2000

Q. My fiancee has had two lumps on his penis over the last 6 months. They are getting worse. It is starting to cause his penis to be crooked and is more noticeable when its erect. Is this a possibility of Penile cancer? He has been under sever stress and the lumps don't hurt. He says they feel like they are deep inside the skin, like a muscle that has been pulled. One of the lumps is up higher and is a little larger than the smaller lump near the head.

A. This could be Peyronie's Disease, an ideopathic (that means we don't know the cause) condition of the penis that can cause lumps and curvature of the penis. Typically the lumps are painful, but they do not have to be.

Fortunately, in about half of the cases the condition is self-limited, meaning that it just stops progressing on its own. Unfortunately, in the other half of the cases, the disease progresses. There is no one, single treatment strategy, but there are several options. I suggest your fiancee see his doctor and consider a referral to a urologist who knows how to treat this condition. You can learn more about Peyronie's Disease at http://www.malereproduction.com/peyronie.htm.

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