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Week of June 18, 2001

    Question:   My 80-year-old mother suffers from severe leg cramps at night almost nightly. Is there anything she can do about it? She has recently had all kinds of cardiac tests, a (not related to this problem) and has checked out clear. Is quinine a viable step?    Dr. Ganiat's Answer

    Question:   I have an 8-year-old son whom has had breathing problems since he was an infant. At about 7 months of age he was diagnosed as a high probability of being asthmatic and was treated as such. He remained on the treatment up until about a year and a half ago when he seemed to be doing better and has not had an attack since age 6. However, he continued to breath thru his mouth and ate very little but often and snored loudly constantly...    Dr. Ganiat's Answer

    Question:   My 5-month-old baby boy is continually constipated. I have been to 3 pediatricians, my family doctor and two other GP's and two public health nurses and they have all basically said that it is normal...    Dr. Ganiat's Answer