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Men's Health
May 2000

Q. Can you provide me with a list of resources (e.g., books, web sites, and related others) on men's health?

A. It is interesting that until recently women's health seemed to get all the attention. Lately, men's health issues have become more popular. One reason this is interesting is that much of the research has been performed on men in the past. For example, most trials in cardiovascular disease dealt with men only.

Finding books on men's health is fairly easy, as many large bookstores have whole sections dedicated to that topic. In addition, several new magazines, also available in these bookstores, are dedicated to men's health. Good web pages include www.menshealth.com/index.html (updated daily and containing general tips), www-hsl.mcmaster.ca/tomflem/menshealth.html (an excellent health site from the school of medicine at McMaster University in Canada), www.menshealth.org/ (dealing with health behaviors), and www.mayohealth.org/mayo/common/htm/menspg.htm (from the Mayo Clinic Men's Health Center).

One way to evaluate the quality of a source is to see what it says about prostate cancer screening. Such screening is highly controversial, and if the source provides a one-sided suggestion regarding prostate cancer screening, it may be too biased to use. For example, the Mayo Clinic site says this about prostate cancer screening, "...The widespread use of PSA as a screening tool remains controversial. Some professional medical groups don't recommend PSA testing for men who have no symptoms, since there is little evidence that early detection and treatment decreases the mortality of prostate cancer...." This unbiased review is a sign of a good site!

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