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Stomach Stapling Surgery
April 2001

Q. I had a stomach stapling surgery 16 years ago in a small town hospital in Texas. I am 5 foot 6 inches tall and at the time of surgery I weighed 219. After 6 months of strict dieting and lots of exercise I lost weight until I was 169 and never lost anymore. Now I am back up to 216. My questions are these: Have they improved on the surgery, was mine done correctly and can I have mine redone or corrected or did it just not work for me?

A. One of the problems with all surgery for obesity is the possibility of failure. For this reason, you can't look at the fact that you're currently 216 as evidence that the surgery was done incorrectly. (One way to look at it is to imagine how much you would weigh if you had not had the surgery). So, the surgery was a success (you lost 50 pounds) but did not have long-lasting effects.

There are multiple types of surgeries available to the person who has morbid obesity. It is not clear to me if at 5' 6" and 216 pounds you meet that criteria (it depends in part on your gender, age, and body frame). It is appropriate, though, for you to be concerned about your weight and to seek all legitimate options.

You can learn more surgical options for weight loss at:


While I do not necessarily support this particular weight reduction program, it is at a very reputable institution, and the information seems to be well balanced.

In addition, the following is the Website for the national society of surgeons who do weight reduction surgery, and again interesting links are available:


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