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Chronic Diarrhea
March 2001

Q. I have been suffering from chronic diarrhea for almost eight months. I have had all kinds of tests done and nothing seems to be wrong. My doctor and I are extremely baffled. I was wondering if diarrhea is in any way associated with ovarian cysts. This is just another possibility I am exploring. I have had displaysia and cysts on my ovaries. Thank you for your time.

A. Diarrhea is not common with ovarian cysts. We know this because diarrhea by itself is not too common and yet ovarian cysts are quite common. On the other hand, there are a wide range of types of ovarian cysts, and some of these cysts can be irritating or cause some inflammation. While I have not seen it, it makes sense that if one would have a particularly irritating type of cyst that is be sitting next to the intestine, it could irritate the intestine and cause diarrhea. I must emphasize, however, that this would be exceedingly rare.

While I would agree that it would be possible, I don't find it likely (on the other hand, all the other likely causes seem to have been excluded by your physician). If you would like to learn more about ovarian cysts, please check out the following Web site:


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