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Week of February 12, 2001

    Question:   I am 18 years old, about 208 pounds and have been working out about a little over a year. I am gaining muscle mass, but I have excessive fat in the pectoral region and a bit of a "flat tire" around the belly area and thighs. I eat right, but the body fat is the same (around 16-18%). I don't believe in steroids or pills, but I have seen good reviews on xenadrine, which is supposed to be a good "fat burning" product. I was wondering from the medical point of view if these really to work and how long I should take these before I reach my goal of maybe 10% body fat. I work out about 3 hours a day for four days a week.    Dr. Ganiat's Answer

    Question:   I am having trouble deciding whether to have a baby first or gastric bypass surgery. I have no children yet. What is the waiting period? Or the risk of pregnancy after the surgery? I was approved for the surgery today and cannot make up my mind.    Dr. Ganiat's Answer

    Question:   I broke five ribs three weeks ago and it felt like everything was healing fine, but now I feel a small "popping" in one spot and am wondering if that is a normal part of the healing process.    Dr. Ganiat's Answer