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Ask the Medical Expert Archives 2000-2004

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Week of January 31, 2000

    Question:   I have a very bad pain in my shin area, close to the ankle. It's especially bad in my left leg about two inches up from the ankle on the front/left part of the shin. I have been doing floor work that requires constant kneeling. Now the pain is increasing so much that I cannot sleep. It's a very sharp cramp. Can you please suggest some kind of treatment for this condition?    Dr. Ganiats' Answer

    Question:   I am writing to inquire about a person's ability to hear high frequencies inaudible to others. My girlfriend says she can hear dog whistles, electronic devices (like radar) and other high or low frequencies. I asked her to talk to a doctor and she said that she called several. One doctor told her that this occurs in a large population of people and to just get ear plugs if it bothers her. I am scared that she might be lying to me. Could this really be a case of "bionic hearing" or is it some type of hallucination?    Dr. Ganiats' Answer

    Question:   In view of the rising demands for human organs, instead of an opt in system, do you feel that an opt out system be more beneficial? Is there a web page that could help with this?    Dr. Ganiats' Answer

    Question:   My 79-year-old mother was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia three years ago. She has been taking Aricept since then. We have seen great degeneration in her ability to reason, comprehend and find a word that seems to be on the tip of her tongue. Is there any other help for her? How much benefit is Aricept for these symptoms?    Dr. Ganiats' Answer

    Question:   My daughter is 28 years old and is pregnant with her second child. She was recently hospitalized with a severe infection that was due to a hormonal imbalance. She is now out of the hospital, but at her check-up today, she was monitored for approximately two hours by her obstetrician, because her blood pressure is so low. She is 5'5" and weighs about 100 pounds. Her low blood pressure has caused fainting episodes and the doctor told her not to drive by herself. However, nothing was prescribed to help alleviate this. Is there something she can be given for this hypotension, or does she just live with it? Her cholesterol is also very low; last check was like 25. Would this have any impact on her blood pressure?    Dr. Ganiats' Answer