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Safety of Creatinine
January 2001

Q. In your opinion is creatine safe to take?

A. Nobody knows if creatine is safe, though it is apparent that it is effective at helping to build muscle mass. Proving safety for a chemical or drug is very difficult, which is why the pharmaceutical companies spend literally millions of dollars in order to perform the investigations the FDA requires to prove safety and efficacy. In general, I assume that is no drug is truly "safe," and that all drugs have the potential for side effects. The question is always whether the risk and magnitude of the side effect are justified by the chance and the magnitude of the benefit. For creatine, we just do not yet know.

You can learn more about creatine at a Web site from Tufts University (http://www.phys.com/b_nutrition/02solutions/10tufts/tuftsqa/creatine.htm).

This Web site also refers you to the Web site of the American College of Sports Medicine for more information.

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