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Ask the Medical Expert Archives 2000-2004

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Week of January 17, 2000

    Question:   My grandmother is complaining of joint pain. What causes this and why is it so common in the elderly?    Dr. Ganiats' Answer

    Question:   As I've gotten older, my eyesight has begun to get worse. My doctor said I could use glasses for night driving, but that I didn't have to fill the prescription if I didn't want to. How common is this and why is night driving impacted? I'm 66 and have no other ailments, thankfully.    Dr. Ganiats' Answer

    Question:   My patient, 72, has lost the majority of his bowel to cancer. He is in a lot of pain and it seems he's developed a prescription drug habit. His son recently suggested marijuana. Morally/legally, I realize it's not accepted, but do you think this is a medically-sound treatment?    Dr. Ganiats' Answer

    Question:   I've been hearing more and more about Chinese medicine and other alternative therapies. How do you provide your patients with information on these kinds of treatments, given the fact that many are not supported by insurance companies? Is their research available to justify these alternatives?    Dr. Ganiats' Answer

    Question:   I would like an honest opinion on the cause of MS. My sister has recently been diagnosed with MS just a few months after undergoing surgery (outpatient surgery) where she wasn't put to sleep but an epidural was done. After the surgery, she began to feel very very ill and could hardly function; her spinal fluid was leaking. She finally decided to go back to the hospital where they patched her. She sort of recovered until this MS attack. In your expert opinion, could there be a relation between the two?    Dr. Ganiats' Answer