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December 2000

Q. I am a 35-year-old female with 2 children. Although I monitor my diet and choose healthy foods as well as exercise regularly, I have cellulite. I began to notice it on the back of my thighs while I was in my mid twenties and since then it has become progressively worse. I am considering taking Cellusene. Do you have any knowledge through case studies if it is truly effective? Are there any side-effects known at this time? Aside from Liposuction are there any other options?

A. Cellulite is an accumulation of fat in the thigh and buttock areas. This often appears as a dimpled orange peel appearance. It is much more common in women than men. Unfortunately there are no miracle cures for it. The one study that has been published in Medline which I included for a reference found no beneficial effect of Cellasene (which contains various herbs) as compared to placebo. In fact, the only thing that was consistent with Cellasene and Placebo is that both groups gained weight!

The only thing I am aware of that can help cellulite is a prudent low fat diet and exercise. Of course, one could consider cosmetic surgery, namely liposuction, if one is willing to accept the risks of a surgical procedure and the cost.

Ref: SOURCE: Phytother Res 1999 Nov;13(7):627-9 CITATION IDS: PMID: 10548762 UI: 20018467

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