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Ask the Medical Expert Archives 2000-2004

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Week of December 18, 2000

    Question:   I am a 33-year-old female who for the last 4 months have been experiencing an increase in forgetfulness, dizzinesss, and loss of coordination. I have had 2 brain and cervical spine MRI that have been normal. My electrolytes and HgbA1C are normal. The dizziness is stimulated by moving my head from side to side, driving on winding roads, and things moving rapidly in my peripheral vision. I forget where I am going, leave water running, and there are other multiple "little things," but at increasing frequency. Any ideas of other things my neurologist could look into??    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:  Could a chemical imbalance cause a person to have problems that doctors might mistake as Alzheimer's? If so, what test might I ask the doctors to do to check this out?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   I am a 35-year-old female with 2 children. Although I monitor my diet and choose healthy foods as well as exercise regularly, I have cellulite. I began to notice it on the back of my thighs while I was in my mid twenties and since then it has become progressively worse. I am considering taking Cellusene. Do you have any knowledge through case studies if it is truly effective? Are there any side-effects known at this time? Aside from Liposuction are there any other options?    Dr. Shiller's Answer