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Male Yeast Infection
December 2000

Q. I am uncircumcised and developed a yeast infection about 3 months ago at the tip of the penis. I was given Lotrisone cream and that did not help. Later the doctor switched to Mentax and I used that for 2 weeks. A week after stopping the cream the infection came back. Another dermatologist suggested using Spectrazole. I used that for 1 week and as soon as I stopped the cream, the infection came back. Please help. Is there a medicine that can be taken as a pill to clear up infections like these?

A. There is some conflicting data, however, overall there probably is an increase risk of various infections in uncircumcised males, including HIV and genital ulcers. There also is an increase risk of Penile Cancer, albeit still a very low risk. It makes sense that there would also be an increase risk of fungal (yeast) infections, since yeast like to grow in moist environments (i.e. under the foreskin).

It sounds like you have been on many good topical anti fungal agents without cure. It may be worthwhile to ask your doctor to consider an oral anti-fungal agent that may be more potent than the topical drugs. Diflucan or Nizoral may be considered. They can sometimes cause liver inflammation, but usually are well tolerated. They also can have some drug interactions, in particular with erythromycin like drugs.

You may want to consider circumcision if all else fails.

Good Luck.

Ref: SOURCE: J Infect Dis 1999 Aug;180(2):330-6 CITATION IDS: PMID: 10395846 UI: 99326729

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