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Masturbating in Public
September 2000

Q. I am a 27-year-old male. I have been caught several times masturbating in front of females while severely intoxicated. What kind of treatment should I seek or is treatment necessary? I have not been criminally prosecuted.

A. Obviously, this is not at all a desirable, nor acceptable behavior. I assume that when you say "intoxicated", you are referring to Alcohol as the cause, however, the toxic substance could be virtually any drug that affects the central nervous system.

What I would strongly recommend, before you are arrested, or before your reputation is ruined, is to get into a treatment program for the toxic substance immediately. Your health insurance may cover treatment of substance abuse. Also, Alcohol's Anonymous is often very helpful support in which most people who attend learn much more than simply how not to drink alcohol. Also, a psychiatry consultation may not be a bad idea, just in case there is something more to this behavior than the toxin.

Don't delay in getting help for this.


  • http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org/

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