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Diabetes Treatment
September 2000

Q. What is the best online source for info on treatment of diabetes? Are there any new treatments or interesting research coming soon?

A. This is a difficult question because I cannot possibly review all the Diabetic information sites personally, however, I can give you a few sites that I think are very good and that I'm sure you will gain some very useful and interesting information. WebMD and the American Diabetes Association has some good info (see Ref). However, for specific questions regarding medical issues, I believe our site at Medinfosource.com is still the best! (No bias of course!).

In my opinion the most exciting research and treatment for Diabetes Mellitus currently is Pancreatic transplants of Islet cells, which are the cells that produce Insulin. This is a potential cure! See Ref. Also, some pharmaceutical companies are working on an Insulin spray that is used similar to Asthma inhalers; this could eliminate the need for Insulin injections! For now though, tight control of blood glucose via diet, exercise and medication (often requiring Insulin injections), remains the mainstay of treatment, which does help to reduce the risk of diabetic complications.

Hang in there; treatment continues to improve.


  • http://my.webmd.com/condition_center/dia
  • http://diabetes.org/ada/medicaltreatment.asp

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