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Ask the Medical Expert Archives 2000-2004

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Week of July 24, 2000

    Question:   My son has a fever over 103, headache, dizziness, vomiting and a rash that is nickel size, red and flush with his skin. Any ideas?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   I am a female who has been experiencing lower middle abdominal pain, abdominal swelling and heaviness as well, for a little over two weeks now. I had a pelvic exam and pap smear approximately 2-1/2 months ago, where the doctor stated my cervix looked irritated and prescribed Flagyl. I went to another doctor, and she diagnosed me with a UTI. She requested no urine sample, she did not touch me, and I've had no problems with urination, except that I have been urinating more frequently. She gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and said to call the office in the event the infection did not clear up. Can you suggest a method I have not taken?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   What can cause swollen testicles?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:  My husband is 27, and suffering with chicken pox. I mean suffering! He is lethargic and feverish. He gets up only to use the restroom. He said his stomach is for the most part upset, and his throat is painful enough to not swallow easily. His face and under his hair is so covered, that you can't see any smooth skin. He has them on the tops of his eyelids, and one in his mouth. Are these normal reactions? How can I help him be more comfortable?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   My daughter had cysts on her cervix. I believe they are call nabothian cysts. Could you tell me more about this condition?    Dr. Shiller's Answer