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Vanceril Inhaler
May 2000

Q. I heard that vanceril inhaler was recently recalled. I have been taking it for several years now for my Asthma. Should I be concerned?

A. Vanceril inhaler was recalled recently. It is a inhaled steroid for treatment of Asthma and/or Emphysema. Five different lots (batches) of this med include some canisters that contain no active medication. However, you can't tell by just spraying it, because some aerosol is still emitted. However, your Asthma could gradually flare up due to lack of active medication. The affected lot numbers include 9-DMT-157,158,160,161 and 163. These medications were distributed to pharmacies in Nov 1999 and have an expiration date 7/2000. If you have any of these lot numbers, call your pharmacist ASAP to get them replaced.

If they run out of stock, other good substitutions would include Flovent, Pulmicort, or Azmacort.

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