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Week of April 30, 2001

    Question:   My neurologist prescribed Neurontin for my paresthesias (numbness and tingling) related to my multiple sclerosis. I can tell no change. I also thought it might help my interrupted sleep pattern. Can you tell me what this drug should do? I do seem to sleep better for the first 2 hours, but then continue waking up every hour or so all night long.    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   I am 26 years old and I have not a mensus for over 2 years. I have been under my doctors care for the full two years. I have taken Clomiphene citrate 100 mg for 8 months and nothing has happened. I would like to start a family and am very worried. I am over weight have actually gained a lot of weight since mensus ended. I had normal periods until I had my appendix removed in 1998. Since that time I also had very upset stomach aches daily but that had now changed. I feel generally good, not tired, weak, etc. Should I be worried? They have preformed test after blood test on me and never seem to find anything. I am going to a fertility specialist after the first of the year. Should I just wait to see what they say? If you have any information for me I would be of great thanks. I am willing to try almost anything at this point. I am not even sure if I am ovulating, and I just bought the book "Taking charge of your Fertility." Is this worth reading?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   My father has recently been diagnosed as having alcohol-induced chromers disease. What is this and is there any hope for the future?    Dr. Shiller's Answer