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Partial Hysterectomy
April 2001

Q. I had a partial hysterectomy in 1994. They removed part of my uterus because I had fibroid tumors in it. I was wondering when having a partial, is there any way to conceive a baby? My husband and I wanted more children and the only option the doctor gave me was a partial. I just need to know if there is anything (besides adopting) we can do to have our own child? I would greatly appreciate any answers you could give me. Thank you very much.

A. A partial hysterectomy consists of removing the entire womb (uterus). The fallopian tubes and ovaries remain. A complete hysterectomy involves removal of all the above. At least you still have your ovaries which helps to decrease your risk of osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) and may give you one of the below options.

Unfortunately, it would not be possible for you to get pregnant. Options would include adoption or finding a surrogate woman (with a uterus) that could be implanted with your fertilized egg (via your husbands sperm). This is often difficult and expensive, but may be considered. I am not aware of other reasonable options.

I'm sorry this is probably not the answer you were hoping for, but I wish you and your husband well.

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