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Quit Smoking
April 2000

Q. I smoke about 4 cigarettes per day. I want to quit. Do you recommend any medications to help me quit?

A. No. Your serum nicotine levels will be quite low. I would not expect that you should have any major nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and therefore using nicotine replacement therapy (such as the gum or patch) would not be necessary. Along the same line, I also would not recommend Zyban. Generally, I reserve these types of meds for one who smokes at least one half pack of cigarettes per day (10 cig/day). You should think about the triggers that lead you to smoke a cigarette and figure out something more constructive to do instead. I would also suggest you set a quit date and read some behavioral modification stop smoking material, such as "Clearing the Air" by the National Cancer Institute.

NCI: 1-800-4CANCER

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